Other People


Distributed Proofreaders
I admit to a vested interest here, I’m one of the editors for the Distributed Proofreaders blog, but it’s still worth a read. Promise.

Drew Chial
I really like Drew Chial’s blog, it’s wonderful writing—and great fun, even when he’s making a very serious point.

Romance Writers

Amy Lane
The amazing Amy Lane—how I wish I could write even a tenth as well as she does.
Even the blog’s incredible.

Andrew Grey
Who doesn’t like Andrew Grey? I think my favourites of his are the “Love means…” stories, followed closely by “Stories from the Range”.

Cardeno C
Cardeno C, whose stated aim is “to add a little happiness and a few “awwws” into a reader’s day…” (And he does it so well.)

Mary Calmes
I just love Mary Calmes’s “Matter of Time” series—a short exchange in one of them has inspired a whole novel for me.

Rick Reed
I’ve not read much of Rick Reed’s work yet, but what I have makes me want to read more.


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