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Hello again. I have a dilemma.

I have a short story I want to submit for a deadline at the beginning of August. It’s been most of the way written since the end of January. The sticking point is the final, or possibly penultimate, scene. It’s a sex scene, an explicit one. I’m struggling because it’s something I’m a little (OK, a lot) uncomfortable with. There’s no question it has to be included, however. It’s an essential part of how my characters reconnect after their relationship nearly founders. One of the things that was wrong was that they weren’t making love any more, just having (infrequent and perfunctory) sex. So they’re going to have to talk. Of course they are. They’d lost touch with each other along the way. But they also have to make love.

On. The. Page.

After four or five months allowing myself to be distracted with the new shiny that was the editing and production process for Working it Out, I really need to get back to it. I have to just buckle down and write it as a clunky laundry list and then start moulding that into something more like what I need. It’s just that I have this perfectionist streak that makes me want to write it right the first time. I do know that’s not possible. But. I can’t help thinking wistfully that I ought to be able to.

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Better get on with it.

See you later