I was a bit confused a short while ago. I got an email saying that there were comments waiting for moderation. “Huh?” I thought. “I thought I’d set that so it didn’t do that.”

So I’ve gone through the settings again. Turns out, you can’t exactly set it to approve comments automatically. There are two options. One is to require all comments to be moderated before they appear. The other is to hold onto any comments submitted by people without a previously approved comment. I guess it’s part of the spam prevention they have. I appreciate the care for my blog’s security, but it could have meant a couple of people commenting and wondering why their comment still wasn’t showing up several hours later. They might have got a bit grumpy about that.

Luckily I get email on my phone and was on my way home from work when the notification arrived. So everything’s hunky-dory again. šŸ™‚