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My passport application’s signed and sent off, so it’s just a matter of waiting for them to contact me now.  They’ll undoubtedly want to call me in for interview, to check I match my photo and can answer questions that only the person completing the form could answer.  I’m not expecting any problems, so it’s just a matter of trying to possess my soul in patience for the duration.  What it does mean is that in six to eight weeks I’ll be able to sort out the application for an American tax reference number.  Hey, you never know, I might actually get all this sorted out!  Back at the beginning I wasn’t sure I could do it, there were so many obstacles.

In the meantime—I got a job.  Temporary, for twelve months, and part time, but it’s a job.  Something I’ve not had for a while.  It’s nice to have enough money to start paying bills again.  Even better, I like it where I am, they’re good people to work with and the work’s interesting and varied.  So—life’s looking up.  🙂

Well, apart from the blood pressure.  Apparently it’s high, very high.  I went to the doctor’s for a routine screening appointment and the nurse took my blood pressure while I was there.  She was really pleased to hear I’d also booked an appointment with the doctor the following week about something else, so I could have it done again.  And she wanted me to have a series of blood tests.  So my past week has been

  • Friday—work, then screening appointment with the nurse
  • Saturday—go to post office to have my passport application checked and sent off (spend rest of the day in Starbucks)
  • Monday—work, then go to hospital to have blood drawn for tests
  • Tuesday—work, then see doctor, have blood pressure checked again, find out most of my blood tests came back normal,get more tests ordered
  • Wednesday—early morning, go to the doctor’s to hand in a…er…personal sample and go to work; afternoon, go to hospital for ECG screening; go to bus station to get a new bus pass; get a phone call to come to the doctor’s to have an ambulatory blood pressure monitor fitted
  • Thursday—get odd looks at work as the blood pressure monitor goes off every half hour (it makes a noise and my shirt sleeve inflates)
  • Friday—early morning go to the doctor’s to hand in the blood pressure monitor and go to work

That’s a seriously busy week for me. But I’m thankful for one thing.  Living in the UK, all this healthcare is free at the point of delivery, paid for through income tax.  No worrying about insurance or my bank balance.  And I’m a firm believer that it’s better to know about these things and get them treated than to live in ignorance of a potentially life-threatening condition.  Luckily I live somewhere that’s an option.

Bye for now
Kristen  xx